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The world needs more Food and Energy.
“The world needs more Alberta.


Recall – “Accountability in Action” A policy of trust and choice


Taxes collected in Alberta by Albertans for Albertans. “The Triple A Advantage”

Leader, Paul Hinman

Why Wildrose Loyalty Coalition?

Albertans are in a broken, dysfunctional, toxic relationship with Ottawa and we must take control of our future.

The legacy political parties continue to divide the people, usurp freedoms, and enforce ruinous social, economic, and environmental policies.


Elect Wildrose candidates and “Send a Message to Ottawa”


Together we will end the over-taxation and vote buying federal policies.

Alberta must be free of federal interference if we wish to continue to lead the world in the responsible and ethical production of food and energy.

The best government is an accountable government through recall 24/7.

50% +1 Recall Accountability Pledge

Paul Hinman, Leader

Freedom for Albertans!

Our leader, Paul Hinman is the original leader of the Wildrose movement. Once again he is bringing together a coalition of people who are loyal to Alberta and to the principles of freedom.

Paul has been elected twice to the Alberta Legislature, though never in a legacy party. He is principled and knows the importance of prioritizing. He understands that the proper role of government is to ensure a just society with a free market.

He recognizes the need to create a new Constitution that recognizes the Supremacy of God, the Rule of Law and protects the individual’s inalienable rights of: Life, Freedom, Property, and the Pursuit of Happiness.


Alberta is in a broken, dysfunctional, toxic relationship with Ottawa and we will not allow them to determine our future.

We need MORE Alberta, LESS Ottawa.

Climate Change is real, but not because of CO2.

CO2 is plant food.

Affordable food and energy is necessary for our quality of life.

A vote for Wildrose Loyalty Coalition is a mandate to say
NO to Carbon Net Zero.

A vote for Wildrose Loyalty Coalition is a mandate to say NO to OTTAWA


Do not vote for a political party or candidate that does not trust you with 24/7 recall.

We trust parents and will protect their rights to make decisions concerning their children.

We trust and will protect the free market; we will end government corporate handouts and economic interference.

Albertans WILL be trusted and their freedoms protected to make their own informed decisions.

Trusted Elected Albertans will determine our social, economic, and environmental policies.

*If 50% + 1 of the number of people who vote in this election sign a petition to remove me, I will step down and defend myself in a by-election.


We will create the Alberta Revenue Agency and collect all the taxes here in Alberta by Albertans for Albertans.

We will ELIMINATE all taxes on:
Food, Energy & Property.

We will reduce the size and scope of government by capping taxes in our Constitution.

A Balanced Budget will be enshrined in our Constitution.

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